Nous participons !!

Nous avons décidé de participer même si nous n’avons pas encore réussi à boucler notre budget.


Archive pour décembre, 2011

10 décembre, J – 6 pour l’inscription , le point sur nos sponsors.

Madame Monnier de la casse auto Monnier à Ornex  (01)  réserve un emplacement  sur la vitre arrière droite de la 4 L pour 200 euros.

Le restaurant Le Rajpoute d’Ornex retient un emplacement sur la vitre arrière gauche  pour 300 euros.

La société Small Rivers ( réserve le coté arrière droit  pour 1500 euros et nous propose son aide pour la communication , la promotion et la diffusion  de notre projet. Un immense merci à  Kelly!

La mairie de Versonnex propose de nous aider financièrement et surtout matériellement .

La société SKF nous donne des pièces de rechange pour la 4 l (cardans,pompe à eau…).

Ainsi, la 4l est prête,nous avons des pièces de rechanges nous sommes nous aussi prêts à partir…il ne nous manque que 1000 euros pour payer avant le 16 décembre, dans 6 jours  les 3000 euros d’inscription pour le 4L  trophy.

Nous comptons sur votre soutien !

Who are we?

We are two students studying Mechanical Engineering at the EPFL Lausanne (école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) passionate about engineering and humanitarian activities.We created the association 4L Mech Without Borders in September 2011 so that we could represent the EPFL in the 4L rally and participate in bringing much needed school and sport supplies such as computers, sport shoes, tennis
rackets.. to a school in Morocco.
The 4L Mech Without Borders ( team No. 1299) represents the spirit of the 4L Trophy with team members from France and Tunisia.
Our first financial goal is to raise 3000€ for our entry. We are currently at 2000 €. We appreciate any donations, small or large – help us participate in the 4L Trophy! Contact us to donate! Our deadline is December 16!
Who are we? dans Who are we? moi.vignette4L Trophy Driver: Dorian Fournier
Age: 19 years old
Nationality: French
EPFL Student : 2nd year, Sciences and Engineering in the School of Mechanical Engineering.
What’s my passion?  I have travelled to Morocco and Kenya and I worked for a month as an apprentice mechanic for Doctors Without Borders in Uganda. It was an amazing experience that brought me closer to my passion, mechanics and my desire to help others. My father and Grandfather’s passion for mechanics have inspired my love of all things mechanical and provided me a solid foundation in the field of
My first achievement in mechanics: The adaptation of the Pantone system on a lawnmower engine TPE in the draft in the first class of high school International Ferney Voltaire ( AIN)

 dans Who are we?

4L Trophy Navigator: Medhi Damak
Age: 20
Nationality: Tunisian

EPFL Student: 2nd year,  Sciences and Engineering in the School of Mechanical Engineering.
What’s my passion? Thanks to my Tunisian origins, I speak Arab fluently and I am familiar with North African culture. I performed a lot of humanitarian work as a member of the Association of Tunisian Muscular Dystrophy when I was in High School. That experience, along with my passion for cars, travel and my roots motivated me to sign on as Navigator for the 4L Trophy.

About the 4L Trophy 2012

4L Trophy 2012 – a student rally with a clear social purpose, the 4L Trophy is a fun challenge that raises money for
educational projects in Morocco. The event takes place in a different European country every year and crosses to Morocco for the final stage and closing ceremony in Marrakech.

 Accompanied by a team of professionals (engineers, doctors, journalists and TV crews), a thousand pairs of students drive through Europe and parts of the Moroccan desert with tons of schooling equipment, covering a distance of roughly 6000km in the process over 11 days.
The challenge for the participating students is to win a stage, or the overall event, using a road atlas, a map of Morocco and a compass but the bigger aim is to bring as large a quantity of educational supplies and materials as
possible into the country for the benefit of its schoolchildren.

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